Manic Music Monday

I’ve been doing music videos for my son and this one, that we taped & edited today, seems perfect for a wintry January day when I would really like to be at the ocean…enjoy

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Christmas Craft Review

Before we enter a new year, I should probably show you some of the new crafts I tried this Christmas.

The inspiration ($16 per plate on the was a plate for kids to be creative with their food and make mealtime even more fun…


I didn’t do the full on color version, but with a black sharpie I drew a face onto white plates, baked them at 400F for 30 minutes and let them completely cool in the oven.  my plates

And then my next inspiration came from a Christmas “Homes for the Holiday” tour where I saw a birch bark wreath on a mantle (available for $98 at Anthropologie)…birch wreath

I gathered a whole bunch of birch bark at one of my favorite driftwood dump spots along the river and with just the right tools…the gear cut 2″ strips, folded them, drilled holes in them, wired them together and made the smaller wreath that fit perfectly inside of a wreath I made last year…inner wreath

but then decided that the wreath was perfect for my table centerpiece.birch bark centerpiece

I love the ruggedness and rolls of the bark…birch bark

and then my girlfriend sent this to me on my phone during one of our cold snaps…Balloon pin

And I just had to try this since we had temps down to -25 with the windchill.  I made a mess in my sink…balloon mess

and the balloons froze quickly once placed outside.  When they were solid, I removed the latex part and got this…backyard frozen balloonsKinda looks more like frozen Easter Bunny poops, but it sure adds color to a grey winter.

It was my driftwood crafts that turned out pretty rockin’ awesome.  Anthropologie had this driftwood dock for just under $100…iphonedock

I made my own iPhone dock with a drill and my Dremel sanding tube…my iPhone dock

but I didn’t stop there…there are also iPads that need docking, so I came up with this dock that does double duty…iPad & iPhone driftwood dockI love my Dremel for helping me drill and sand in tight spots.

And since I love photos I decided to make a one of a kind special photo hanger…Driftwood Photo Hanger

And then I decided to make one that would be perfect for my hubby…one that would hold a special photo of him with each of the kids…Multiple Photo Hanger

He loved it!  And not only are they photo hangers, they are also jewelry hangers, like the one I have at our store…Store Model

The necklaces are made with the sea glass I have collected from trips to the ocean over the years.  I finally learned how to do the wire wrapping and made necklaces for my sisters & SIL who all helped me collect sea glass 2 years ago on a special family trip.  The necklaces were a big hit (even if it did take me 2 years to make them!)necklacesSo that’s the wrap of the Christmas Craft Review.

I’m sure you are busy preparing for a wonderful evening with friends/family, and as you do, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with more adventure and more memory making moments!

Happy 2014!


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