The Almost Done Den

My den/guest room is almost done, but I can’t wait to show you what we have done so far!  I suppose I should show you a before?  It was my youngest daughter’s room…

I got rid of the wallpaper and painted the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Eternity and the hardworking hubby laid the extra planks of flooring that were leftover from our kitchen reno.  Are you up for a tour?  Then let’s get started…

My den is the one that has the monkey fist knot hanging on the door knob…those monkey fist knots are one of the hardest knots to make, either that or I’m a slow learner…

And as you first walk in and look straight ahead, you see the guest room area of the den…

Here are some close-ups of this ‘inspired’ area…

One of my favorite finds from my garage sale day with Julia was this fabulous drawer that used to hold nails…I snagged it for $2 and now it holds some of my special meaningful goodies…

I originally had it sitting on the daybed and then I grabbed an old end table that I found at the thrift store and now my ‘nail drawer’ has it’s very own spot in front of the daybed. I took this shot at night with the candles going in the room. Oh yeah baby…ambience!

And in case you are wondering, the daybed is a twin bed on the bottom part and the backing is  a foamy that I cut almost in half lengthwise and folded over (that way I can unfold the foamy and lay it on the ground as an extra sleeping spot for couples…yes, this means that couples can’t sleep side by side…they will have to do rock/paper/scissors to decide who sleeps on the mattress and who gets the foamy…you can smooch all you want but at the end of the night…you each get your own sleeping area, unless you’re a super skinny couple and can both fit on the twin mattress, whatever rocks your world!).   I covered my homemade daybed with that white chenille coverlet that I found at a local consignment shop (the coverlet came with the bed skirt too).

Oh, I took the zebra rug from our motorhome…can you believe we were using it as a patio rug for camping…seriously, who uses a zebra rug for camping? Ummm, I do.  But it looks so much nicer in here.

Now let’s move over to the office side of the den…

We’ve got my crazy eclectic, bohemian corner going on…

I am luuuuuving how the wire plant baskets turned out…they work wonderfully holding my scarves and necklaces.  I was going to turn them into lamp shades but I spray painted the existing lamps instead…much simpler and altogether lovely.   The old shutter is now one giant frame, housing pics and ocean soul type paraphernalia…and down at the bottom is a totally cool Anthropologie style drawer that Julia found while thrift shopping in Calgary (thanks Julia!) and I brought in the water element by putting a little fountain (from the thrift store for $1.50) on top of the drawers…you know just enough of a water noise to soothe and calm frayed nerves but not enough of a trickling noise to make you wanna pee every 5 minutes…it’s all about balance!

And my desk has quite the rescue story.  My brother-in-law was putting this table on the bonfire just as I was driving down the driveway to their cabin…I screamed out to him to “Don’t burn that table!  I’ll take it!!”  So I took it home, cleaned it up, sanded and stained and sealed it, painted the legs black and then Julia and I aged it and gave it more of an actual burnt edge look using some of the left over black paint and resealed it (would have been so much easier to let Brian put it on the fire after all!)….

This table works perfectly for me. It extends at both ends and will be very helpful when I have a large project on the go and need the extra table space.

Can you spot the signature starfish? There is one in pretty much every room in my OCD (Ocean Cottage in the Desert).  And the chair…well, it is an old waiting room chair that I found on the side of the road…slip covered it and it fits into this room like a favorite pair of jeans (there will be no tutorial available for MY slipcover…why?…let’s just say that I probably should have paid better attention to the existing slipcover tutorials on the internet)


I had originally wanted this chair (at Homesense) except the price tag of $299 was a bit much…



Yes, it’s lovely, but my ocean’ish perfectly imperfect slip covered free waiting room chair…totally works for me!!!  And on my desk you might have also noticed the upcycled pen/pencil holder (from pickin’ at my sister’s barn! Thanks Esther!)…just like my letter press letters say, “Why Not?”


Also free and also works for me!

And when you sit down on the daybed/couch, you see this chalkboard sign (which I made from our old kitchen cabinets)…

F2? It stands for an expression that Julia and I have used in describing this den/guest bedroom…Flippin’ Fabulous!

So whether it’s under working lights or basking in the soft evening glow of candlelight…


My den is exactly that…MY DEN…everything has it’s place and function. The price was right – dirt cheap (we love thrift stores and garage sales!) and I luuuuuuuuuuv working in here!

Even at 3 a.m…blogging and taking a picture of myself in the mirror for the blog!

Hope you enjoyed the tour…there is one more thing being added to my den tomorrow…it is in the garage drying right now…I sure hope it turns out!  Even if it doesn’t work, I will show you the ‘craft’.

But now, I’m off for some serious shut eye!

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7 Responses to The Almost Done Den

  1. Julia Andres says:

    After all is said and done, ‘eternity’ fits best with the mood of the room you created! I love how you styled it, and it speaks to who you are and what you are about! Love it!

  2. Kristen says:

    Absolutely lovely. Serene, whimsical, comfortable, restful.

    You both this a fabulously fantastic job.

    Oh, that nail drawer….oh, oh, oh….it’s divine. :D

    Enjoy that lovely room.

  3. betty r says:

    What a great job you did Karen!! I love it all..looks so inviting, I’d love to mosey on over and check it out:)
    And I love your hair up..suits you!

  4. ellen b says:

    So lovely. That nail drawer is so cool. What a great idea to use it that way and fill it with your treasures. Enjoy…

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  6. There is so much flipping personality in your F2 room, it look great, cozy and comfy. Good job, i need me some of that creativity :) or personality which ever it takes…..giggle.

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