Mason Jars and Glue

Okay, so I have been cutting glass in half, but I saw this on the internet…

over at Romantic Farmstyle  and immediately knew this was one craft that I would have to try. I absolutely love her style!

I’m going from cutting glass to gluing glass, but now the only problem is figuring out what glue works best?  So today I am trying Elmers China and Glass Cement.

The front of the package stated set up time is 1 minute, however, when you read the back of the package (the tiny print) it actually recommends a really long 24 hour set up period.  I’m getting skeptical already!  But it says that this glue dries clear and is dishwasher safe and that is why I am giving it a try.  And after 12 hours…so far, so good, I can pick them up at one end and tip them over and they are still holding together and they do look quite lovely…

especially grouped in the different sizes…


and why did I make different sized cowgirl wine glasses?  Check out this “Glass Size Determination Chart”: I’m hoping that we never have to use the large glass!

Tomorrow I’m trying out the E6000…it sounds like the cadillac of glues. And as always, I’m wondering (after the fact) should I have maybe etched the glass where the two pieces are being glued together?  For extra adhesion happiness?






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8 Responses to Mason Jars and Glue

  1. betty r says:

    I’m thinking you will need to invest in a lot of wine:)

  2. Kim Messick says:

    Awesome idea! After I saw the glass cutting video you made, I saw an idea similar to this one in a magazine. Cut the beer bottle as you had demonstrated. Sand the raw edges nicely. Then glue the mouth end of the once beer bottle to the closed end of the other half. Whalla! Hold the stem ware one way and it’s a wine glass. Turn it the other way and you have a shot glass : ). I think I’m going to try it….

  3. Amber says:

    What a clever idea! You know you could glue the bottom of your broken bottle to the bottom of a matching plate and have a cute little serving platter.

  4. Kristen says:

    What a neat idea.

    I wonder what you’ll next find to create. :D

    Love the little size. Makes me giggle and then wonder if the big one would hold enough coffee for Miz Noodles.

  5. Kathy says:

    So pretty! I’ll check out her blog.

  6. Lu says:

    Oh my…I was up in RIH emergency today and while I was waiting for Louis to get looked at I went into the gift shop…and what do I see…yup you guessed it the Masson Jar Wine glasses..must be the new rage….I must admit they look so cool…I did take a picture with my cell phone Karen so you can take a look at them. I will drop by this weekend to show you…

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